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Buhari addresses UN Assembly, speaks on restructuring

Full Text of His Speech Below The president of the United Nation’s General Assembly, Your Excellencies, Heads of States and governments, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen. On behalf of the government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I congratulate you, Mr.... read more »

Atlanta Rally 3

Nigerians Rally in Atlanta Against Killing of Christians in Nigeria

As the Igbo Community in Atlanta prepares for their own rally to condemn the Genocide and killings of young Igbos by Buhari and his army, a rally was held today September 19 at the CNN Center in Downtown Atlanta Ga. by the the Nigerian Christian Community in Atlanta area   This rally has a... read more »


Biafrans Converge at The United Nations in New York-See the video

Members of the international media were present at this event in New York as Biafrans today stormed the UN headquarters resulting from  the recent killings of young Igbos between the ages of  16 to 21 by the Nigerian Army. .  More than estimated 6,000 Biafrans and their supporters stormed the... read more »

Obi-Nwakanma-2 (1)

What Igbos Must Do Now-A letter From Prof Obi Nwakanma

Dear Dr. Nwosu: Part of the reason why Igbo political action is defective is that we talk too much, and act miserably. The current situation with the current regime in Nigeria demands more action, than talk. With all due respect sir, all that you have written below is truth. But it is truth that is... read more »



  Press ReleaseBy Iyom Bianca Ojukwu FREEDOM FIGHTERS? YES! TERRORISTS? NO! The Federal Govt has just declared IPOB a terrorist Organisation after the Operation Python Dance 2 debacle with its attendant military occupation of our homeland. There is simply no justification... read more »


ABW Breaking News -Africans Rally in London. See the Video on ABW link belo...

ABW is bringing you global coverage with Biafran Demonstrations and rallies across the world. Breaking News -Biafrans/Africans Rally in London. See the Video on ABW link below read more »

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Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Part 3-Summit and Igbo Workshop-See Pho...

Incredible PILA Igbo School Dancers from Baltimore Having completed parts 1 and 2 of this report, here is the story of Part 3, in the 5 Part Series which will wrap up with Parts 4 and 5-The Communique Part 3-The Igbo Summit and Igbo Language Workshop Resourceful Nwannedinamba women we are grateful for your hospitality Singer Ngozi Igwe Day 2 began with Continental breakfast offered by the Best Western Hotel, which began around 6.30 am and ended at 10 am. Soon afterwards, Igbo Diaspora Cultural... read more »


Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 Story with Pictures

HRH Igwe Ihedikwa with Ichie Dr. and Mrs Udorji Introduction–History was made in Maryland –Part 1 of  5 Part Series The first Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 has made history. For the first time Ndigbo and their friends (more than 600 guests) from many countries including Nigeria, South Africa,  England, Canada and over 15 states in the United States assembled at the Best Western Hotel at 5910 Princess Garden Parkway in Lanham  Maryland for a sole purpose-To... read more »


Miss Igbo America 2017 to Appear at Igbo Heritage Festival in Maryland Sept1-3,...

The organizer and founder of Miss Igbo America, Miss Chidinma Cynthia Emenike informed the Planning Committee Chair Mazi Okechukwu Oranika that the winner of Miss Igbo America Pageant 2017 will appear with some of the past winners of her pageant at the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival taking place at Best Western Hotel Capital Beltway Maryland. The festival is attracting many people, including Igwes, VIPs, Nollywood actors, popular singers and much more. The theme of the festival is... read more »


Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Unveils Registration Website-Check it o...

We at the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival have unveiled a new state of the art website ( to enable festival attendees to register for the event. Interest in our event has been growing exponentially and many people are very delighted that finally Igbos are making serious efforts to stem the decline of Igbo language and culture. Come and be prepared to speak Igbo language. This event would be conducted in Igbo, but we will have translators where needed.... read more »


Nollywood Actor Charles Awurum stirs up Publicity stunt for his movie-See movie ...

Ever since ABW published the below Interview with Charles Awurum the Nollywood Actor and producer  of this funny Igbo movie “Mgbechi Onugha”, interest in watching this comedy movie in Maryland during the 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival September 1-3 has quadrupled. Additionally Charles has joined the promotion of his movie premiere on social media. We are currently considering showing the movie on two different time slots to accommodate the growing interest. If you... read more »


Nollywood Igbo Movie to Premiere at Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival in ...

As part of our ongoing efforts to draw attention of Ndigbo to the declining usage of Igbo Language, we are inviting a major Nollywood actor Charles Awurum to premiere his Igbo Language movie in Maryland/Washington DC during the 2017 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival planned for September 1-3, in Maryland/Washington DC at the Best Western Events and Conference Center . The organizers of this first class event is reaching out to the global Igbo Communities to be a part of this... read more »

Biafran rally

Huge Biafra Rally in Switzerland at the UN-see video

Recent Nigerian army actions by killing peaceful Biafra demonstrators have unleashed the mother of all rallies across the world. Nigerian government seems not to learn any lessons from past actions... read more »

Nigerian Army Killings

Operation Python Dance is Igbo Genocide-US Constitutional Lawyer-Watch Video

US Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein has described Nigeria’s ongoing military “Operation Python Dance” as code word for Igbo Genocide. He calls for full Embargo against Nigeria, and wants the United Nations to investigate what is going on in Nigeria. Fein says the World must not wait for another Rwanda Genocide again unfold in... read more »

Niger Delta Militants says- We will join Biafra agitato...

Niger Delta Militants

Niger Delta militant group, Adaka Boro Avengers, ABA, has declared that it would join hands with Biafra agitators to fight Nigeria with missiles and chemical... read more »

Nnamdi Kanu Storms Owerri-Unbelievable Crowds-See Video...

Owerri Nnamdi Kanu Crowds

Just about everywhere Nnamdi Kanu visits there is huge crowds stretching for about one mile following him. At Owerri the story is the same. We let you draw... read more »

Diaspora Igbos launch Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage F...

igbo landing 5

Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwezuenu! We the sons and daughters, inheritors of the great Igbo World civilization bound together by common ancestry and Igbo... read more »

Biafra May 30th Rallies

May 30th Biafra 50th Anniversary: Lessons for Nigeria and the Wo...

May 30th, 2017 is a day to be recorded in Biafran history as a day the people of Biafra showed the world that although they were forcefully reunited with Nigeria in 1970 following the end of the... read more »

Donald Trump Charges voter Fraud

North Korea Warns of Nuclear Attack on the United States

Sources reaching us at Africa Business World indicates that North Korean government has issued a warning stating that it would hit the United States with a nuclear attack if it perceives of a possible attack from the United States. The United States has dispatched  several war ships towards the Korean waters as tension mounts at the Korean... read more »

For Immediate Release-Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage F...

Igbo Masqurade

Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwenu! Igbo Kwezuenu! We, the sons and daughters, inheritors of the great Igbo World Civilization bound together by common ancestry and Igbo... read more »

The Captivating Story of “Igbo Landing” in ...

igbo landing 5

The quest for Biafra independence has a historical significance for many people in the Eastern part of Nigeria and for the Igbos in particular. The Igbo... read more »

Grow Your Business — 10 Ways to Profit Through So...


 Social media, when used correctly, can be a great asset to your organization. Whether your organization is commercial or non-profit, legacy or... read more »

Igbo Language Preservation Festival 2

Igbo Language is on the way Back- Dont Miss this Incredible story...

UNESCO: Igbo Language Will be Extinct by 2025–Mbanu ! Igbo si Mba! Many of us already heard the bad news, a prediction by United Nations Agency, that Igbo language would be extinct by 2025.... read more »

Heart Attacks-Africa Business World

Important Health Information-Heart attacks and Water !

HEART ATTACKS AND WATER ! How many folks do you know who say they don’t want to drink anything before going to bed because they’ll have to get up during the night. Heart Attack and Water – I never knew all of this ! Interesting……. Something else I didn’t know … I asked my Doctor why people need to urinate... read more »

Igbos In Diaspora Launch Igbo Language Preservation �...

Igbo Council of Traditional- Africa- Business- World

ICOTTH-USA) in Collaboration with Africa Business World                                                                    ... read more »

Oil prices hit lowest since 2004 as supply balloons

Crude Oil Africa Business World

Brent crude prices hit their lowest in over 11 years on Monday, hounded by a relentless rise in global supply that looks set to outpace demand again next... read more »

See Latest African Fashion Photos for Men and Women

African Cultural Rennaisance-Africa Business World

African Cultural wears are in Vogue. Africans are reclaiming their cultural identity and many are expressing such identity through traditional African... read more »

Biafra news
Wole Soyinka

Biafra has not been defeated-Wole Soyinka

  Wole Soyinka-Nobel Laureate Biafra has not been defeated July 11, 2017 By Wole SoyinkaOn July 6, 1967, civil war broke out in Nigeria between the... read more »

Trump Gets Support from Two Nigerian Girls formerly Kidnapped by Boko Haram

President Trump Receives Support From Nigerian Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram

‘Make America Safe Again:’ President Trump Receives Support From Nigerian Girls Kidnapped by Boko Haram Don’t let the critics bring you down. That was the essence of the message two young Nigerians had for President Donald Trump at a recent meeting in the White House. The two girls know a lot about turmoil and despair.... read more »

ABW Exclusive Interview with Chinyere Udoma-Performing ...

Chinyere Udoma 3

Okechchukwu Oranika had a conversation with Ada Chinyere Udoma in an Africa Business World Exclusive VIP and Celebrity Interview series.  Here below is the... read more »

Nnamdi Kanu storms Onitsha, defies Ohaneze on Anambra e...

Nnamdi Kanu at Onitsha 1

IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu storms Onitsha, defies Ohaneze on Anambra election The one and only leader of Biafra land,... read more »

Nothing & No One Can Stop Nnamdi Kanu-By Femi Fani...


The Lion Of The East By Femi Fani-Kayode Those from outside Igboland that say that they do not want Biafra have missed the point. It is... read more »

St Mary Movie

Nollywood’s major hit Movie “St. Mary” comes to...

Africa Business World Recommended Must see Movie Event Nollywood’s major hit Movie “St. Mary” debuts in North America. This must see movie  will be shown in Atlanta the gateway to... read more »

Judge Halts trump Travel Ban

Fed. judge Halts Trump’s Travel Ban Executive Order

A federal judge appointed by former President Bush has halted the Travel ban executive order issued by President Donald Trump. The Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of this order and intends to defend the executive order of the President, which “we believe is lawful and appropriate,” the statement said. Some... read more »

Trump Charges Voting Fraud, Vows to Investigate Last US...

Donald Trump Charges voter Fraud

The US President Donald Trump says there was massive fraud in the last US Presidential Elections held two months ago. The president said 3-5 million illegal... read more »

US Dollar:Currency Investment market outlook today

naira US dollar

The British Pound and the US Dollar in view   The British pound as we expected yesterday went to a small correction. Yesterday PMI was... read more »

Investment:hedge fund trader Greg Coffey retires at age...

business news Greg coffey

Investment:hedge fund trader Greg Coffey retires at age 41 with $665 million A FLAMBOYANT hedge fund trader nicknamed the Wizard of Oz has announced his... read more »

House of Parliament Africa-Business-World

Biafran Independence Receives a Big Boost-UK Parliament Proposes ...

The push for Biafra has received a huge international boost, as two members of UK Parliament have supported and signed a Referendum Bill for Republic of Biafra. The sponsors were Elliott, Tom... read more »

United Nations Africa Business World

United Nations Security Council Approves Action against ISIS

One thing is certain, the end of murderous thugs that calls itself ISIS is near as the United Nations Security Council has approved in a unanimous 15: 0 vote last night to take action against ISIS. The resolution was drafted by France following the deadly ISIS attacks on Paris that killed 130 people with many still in serious condition at the... read more »

The World Must Declare War on Islamic Terrorism Now!

Global Terrorism Africa Business World

It has become clear to any objective analyst that unless something is done on a global scale, nobody anywhere in the world will be safe from these religious... read more »

ISIS Releases Photo of Bomb that brought down Russian P...

ISIS-Execution Africa Business World

Islamic State has released a photo of bomb that it said brought down the Russian plane over the Egyptian Mt. Sinai  which killed 224 people. The Russian... read more »

China one child policy ends with celebration

China one child policy ends

China one child policy has been a very controversial issue since 1979 when it was introduced. China one child policy means that Chinese citizens are allowed to... read more »

Dating Tips
engagement ring used

Can an Engagement Ring be reused?

  Shopping for Engagement Ring can be a nightmare especially if you are a fashion geek or may be belong to a celebrity class where ideas of common men do not matter anymore. An engagement ring... read more »


Marry at Least Two Wives or Face Imprisonment–Eritrean Government

Eritrean wedding the groom has to marry one more wife or he will be imprisoned According to news reports published by Kenyan website, the Eritrean Government has ordered men in Eritrea to marry at least two wives or they may face jail and imprisonment. below is the story from Hot in Juba website Kenyans have received the news of mandatory polygamy... read more »

Want to see these Weird Wedding Photos- The Choice is Y...

strange weddibg dress

“When it comes to your wedding day, everyone wants this day to be special and one that they will remember forever.” But in an attempt to achieve... read more »

12 Celebs that Look much Younger than Their Age


  Monica Bellucci 50   Monica Bellucci is talented in acting as well as modeling. She is of Italian heritage which enables her to work in both the... read more »

Things Guys Do On First Date Women Hate!


First time date could be challenging to the partners. When you first meet your date  you know so little about your partner’s choices and preferences. The... read more »

European Union
Ohaneze youths write to United Nations

ABW Breaking News–Igbo youths write to United Nations for P...

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, Worldwide, OYC, have written a petition to the United Nations, UN, demanding special protection for the Igbo people around the Northern part of Nigeria. The Youths also... read more »


New Bombshell- Trump’s Son inlaw sought secret Phone line links with Russia

Washington roiled by Kushner-Russia reports Reports that President Trump’s son-in-law proposed setting up a secret back channel with the Kremlin come at a sensitive time for the White House. ‘Not going to comment’ » WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and now top White House adviser... read more »

End of United Kingdom is Near as Referendum to leave EU...

United Kingdom

Political and economic analysts have projected that the United Kingdom Referendum to leave the European Union is almost guaranteed to succeed. This will... read more »

We will Fight through Peace for an Independent Biafra&#...


Dr. Clifford Iroanya, Coordinator of coordinators of the movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), tells to Frontiere News of Italy why peace in... read more »

Amazing Video-Igbo Children of Helsinki Finland-A Must ...

Igbo Association in Finland Africa Business World

Africa Business world likes to thank Ezechinyelu Dshaikh Izuchukwu for providing us with this amazing link of how the Igbos raise the next generation of Igbo... read more »

Ralph Alswang

ABW News Scoop-High Profile USA Journalist Makes the Case for Bia...

Biafra Nationhood: Unfinished Decolonization  By Bruce Fein  Biafra, dominated by the great Igbo race, enjoyed sovereignty before Great Britain commenced exploitive colonial rule over... read more »

Nnamdi Kanu 2

Nnamdi Kanu-From Political Prisoner to Igbo Political Advocacy

Nnamdi Kanu-A Comparison with World’s most known Freedom Seekers The rise and ascendancy of Nnamdi Kanu to the Igbo Political advocacy was sudden and swift, an inevitable consequence resulting from the Igbo political leadership power vacuum at the top produced by the perceived bankruptcy of Igbo political leadership as it exists today at the... read more »

Just Before You Say Biafra By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo


June 2, 2017 Just before you say Biafra, know and remember that the ideals of Nigeria have not been tried and found wanting.... read more »

Ohaneze President General Chief Nwodo Speech on 50 Year...

John Nnia Nwodo 2

Here is the full speech of the President of Ohanaze Ndigbo Chief Nnia Nwodo Jnr at the Yar Adua center on 50 years of Biafra. The Acting President Prof Yemi... read more »

Growing Calls for Recount–Is Computer Hacking Res...


Respected Computer Scientist Professor J. Alex Halderman, at University of Michigan urges Recount of Ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania-Three... read more »

Iri Ji Festival photos

ABW Reports-Ndigbo Embracing their Culture-Special on Iri-Ji Fest...

Mbaise Cultural Association Michigan Celebrating Iri Ji Festival There are estimated 6-7 million Igbos in USA and Canada alone. Each year many more Igbos and their families continue to embrace Igbo... read more »

Serena Williams Africa Business World

Serena Williams Catches a Cell Phone Thief

Serena Williams, one of the best Tennis Players in the world tells her story of how she went to a restaurant to eat in the company of others. After they sat down, she placed her cell phone on an empty chair next to her. She ordered her food and food was served. She began eating her Chinese food, according to her in her own words, “I was... read more »



The annual Igbo Day Festivity is here. This is a day set aside for Ndigbo and their Nigerian kindred and friends to celebrate what it means to be Igbo. It is a... read more »

Fear and loneliness in China

Loneliness in china

China has developed at unimaginable pace, lifting millions out of poverty. But as part of a series of viewpoints on challenges for China’s new... read more »

Jury out on organic food


THE debate over whether organic food is better for our health keeps raging on as the conclusion of four decades of studies seems far from clear. The... read more »

Go Nigeria Nigeria

Big Congratulations to Nigerian Team as they won the Under 17 Wor...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! Nigeria’s Under 17 football team as they claimed their second successive U17 World Cup title on... read more »

Enyimba cups

ENYIMBA Inter.of Aba Wins Nigeria’s League Soccer Cup for Record 7th Title

Africa Business World congratulates the Enyimba FC International of Aba for making history by winning the Glo Premier League title on Sunday for the seventh title. The club won the title after playing out a goalless draw against title rivals, Warri Wolves, at the Enyimba Sports Stadium in Aba. Kadiri Ikhana’s charges dominated the game but he... read more »

Pope Francis Arrives at the White House

U.S. President Barack Obama talks to Pope Francis during their meeting at the Vatican March 27, 2014. Obama highlighted growing gaps between rich and poor ahead of his first meeting on Thursday with Pope Francis, an event that was expected to focus on the fight against poverty and skirt moral controversies over abortion and gay rights. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque  (VATICAN - Tags: POLITICS RELIGION) - RTR3ITKX

As the Argentine-born Pope Francis emerged from his plane he smiled and was greeted by President Obama with a warm smile and a handshake. The U.S. President... read more »

USA beats Japan in the FIFA Women 2015 final


VANCOUVER, British Columbia – The United States Women Soccer team has once and for all shown that the United States is now an equal partner in the field of... read more »

US Faces Japan in World Cup Final in Vancouver


The United States women’s national team will play Japan in the Women’s World Cup final at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver on Sunday at 7 p.m. The... read more »


Ghanaian Parliament Member, Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu Stabbed to ...

A member of the Ghanaian Parliament, Joseph Boakye Danquah Adu has been murdered, according to reports reaching Africa Business World, Mr. Adu was stabbed to death by yet to be  identified person.... read more »

Buhari in EU Africa Business World

Buhari addresses EU Parliament–Here is the Full Video

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has delivered a speech at the European Parliament in Strasburg during an official visit to France.  Buhari called for “the international community to provide more support to people in the Lake Chad region, affected by a six-year-long insurgency by Boko Haram terror group”.He also said “Nigeria... read more »

Kanu Writes to EU-Says He is being Tortured-Read his fu...

Nnamdi kanu relased

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the director of the Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu, has written a letter to the EU in which he spoke about... read more »

Nollywood’s, Best Igbo Movie Chetanna Premiere at...


Nollywood Stars Coming to Igbo Language Preservation Festival in Baltimore this August 5-7th Superstar Chigozie Atuanya and many Nollywood stars will be in... read more »

Georgetown Graduate Lawyer Petitions Obama Asking for B...

Lawyer Petition Africa Business World

Carol Ajie Lagos, Nigeria Jan 11, 2016 — Monday January 11, 2016President Barack ObamaPresident of the United StatesWhitehouseWashington... read more »


Zika outbreak: Babies exposed to virus developed microcephaly aft...

Thirteen babies in Brazil born with normal head circumference have been diagnosed with congenital Zika syndrome, with brain scans showing extensive malformations, inflammation and reduced brain... read more »


Babies exposed to Zika developed microcephaly after birth: study

Thirteen babies in Brazil born with normal head circumference have been diagnosed with congenital Zika syndrome, with brain scans showing extensive malformations, inflammation and reduced brain volume, researchers reported on Tuesday. Of the 13 infants, 11 gradually developed the birth defect microcephaly, or abnormally small head size, in the... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Holiday Ideas
Beach Photos for your eyes only

Extreme Women’s Beach Photos–Check out these Photos

These photos were captured at several beaches. Its a new world, we may be heading to the old days clothes were not in vogue! Africa Business World: We make it short and Concise and to the point... read more »

Tosin Araromi Miss Nigeria USA Africa Business World

Miss Tosin Araromi Miss Nigeria USA at the Independence Day Rally in New York

Thanks to Miss Nigeria USA for Sending Africa Business World these Photos! On Saturday October 24, Manhattan, NY was covered in green as Nigerians from all over the world paraded the streets with the nation’s flag in celebration of 55 years of independence.Miss Nigeria USA reigning queen... read more »

Beyoncé has spent over $30 Million dollars in vacation ...

beyonce and blue Ivy

  You may wonder how a vacation would cost this much for a family of three. Fame not only comes with a  big price but at the same time also comes with a... read more »

Three Inexpensive Theme Park Travel Destinations in US


Do you there are some inexpensive travel destinations in the United States which are by far less expensive that Disney World. Here are three Theme Park... read more »

The private jets of luxury airline Amiri in Qatar are t...


IT’S the airline you can’t fly on. Unless you’re royalty, or a government official in Qatar, that is. Sarah Steegar, a flight attendant with a major US... read more »

Femi Ajayi


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Prof. Femi Ajayi [email protected] COLUMNIST ANNOUNCE THIS ARTICLE TO YOUR FRIENDS THE 45th US PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TR ere comes the 45th President of... read more »


Hillary Knocks Trump Down in First Presidential Debate-Analysis by Okey Oranika

Most political analysts and experts who saw the debate last night between the GOP Nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton agree that Hillary clearly won the first debate in what some analysts described as a knockout for Hillary. A new CNN poll of people who watched the debate gave Hillary 62% and Trump 27%. This debate... read more »

Response to Buhari–If Nigeria cannot tolerate Bia...

EkekeChimaRev Africa Business World

While addressing the issue of pro Biafra agitators and the massacre of unarmed pro Biafra youths by the Nigerian Police and Army in an interview on Al Jazeera... read more »

Mystery-Two Teens Commit Suicide Hours Apart? –Re...

Teen Suicides Africa Business World

  A couple of friends who attended a Texas high school together were separately found dead on Sunday in what investigators believe may have been... read more »

Confirmed-Buhari Charged in Inter. Criminals Court in H...



News reaching us at Africa Business World confirms that Nigeria’s President has been successfuly charged by IPOb to the International criminal court in... read more »


Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘intense actio...

The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization says. The committee on Zika and associated... read more »


Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘intense action,’ WHO says

The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization says. The committee on Zika and associated neurological disorders was convened by the UN health agency to assess the outbreak that is spread primarily by mosquitoes. It was declared an emergency... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Zika emergency declared over but still needs ‘int...


The Zika virus outbreak is no longer an international health emergency but it needs ongoing, “intense action,” the World Health Organization... read more »

Financial Times Africa Business World 2

Nigeria’s economic approach “the height of foolishness “– L...

Naira devaluation talk grows stronger as Nigeria also adopts Chinese-type circuit breaker Nigeria plans to create a $25 billion fund with public and private financing to modernize infrastructure and... read more »

Eu orders for Referendum Africa Business World

EU Calls For Biafra Referendum within 90 Days-Says It will recognize Biafra if Referendum Passes!

The European Union has supported a Referendum for Biafra, and has called for such referendum to be carried out within 90 Days. EU says it will only recognize Biafra born out of international Law through  the Referendum and not armed rebellion. They also called on Nigeria to release all political prisoners, and for Nigeria to respect Human Rights... read more »

Former Rivers State Governor Chibuike R. Amaechi has wo...

Rotimi Amaechi Africa Business World

  The Hon Minister of Transport Chibuike Amaechi has won the 2015 Igbo Man of the Year Award. The former Governor of Rivers state from the Ikwerre sub... read more »

United States Calls for Investigation of The Nigerian A...

Muslims students carry placards and shout slogans against the Nigerian government against the killings of hundreds of Shiite Muslims and detaining their leader Ibraheem Zakzaky in Nigeria, in Jammu, India, Tuesday, Dec. 1 5, 2015. Nigerian Soldiers killed hundreds of Shiite Muslims this weekend after their group opened fire on the convoy of Nigeria's army chief, the Shia Islamic Movement and military reports said Monday. (AP Photo/Channi Anand)

Problems in Nigeria has historically centered on Muslim attack of Christians and vice versa, lately we are witnessing upturn in violence with respect to Shiite... read more »

International Press Reports on Biafra by Cognor Gaffey ...

newsweek-issues Africa Business World

What is Biafra and Why are Some Nigerians Calling for Independence? More than 45 years ago, Nigeria was nearly divided by a bloody civil war that led to the... read more »

Nigerian News

Aljazeera Explosive and Exclusive on Biafra -See Video

ABW Editorial-Indeed times have changed. During the era of the sixties, Nigeria along with the Nigerian Press particularly known as the Lagos-Ibadan News axis told the story from the Nigerian... read more »


I have obtained audio tape ordering Northerners to slaughter Igbos on Oct 1 – Fani-Kayode

<img src=”//” style=”display:none” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=””/> I have obtained audio tape ordering Northerners to slaughter Igbos on Oct 1 – Fani-Kayode Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has... read more »

Eze Eri Showers his Prayers and Blessings on Nnamdi Kan...

Eze Eri

As some Igbo Political leaders condemn IPOB and the Biafra restoration movement the Traditional head of Eri Igbo Kingdom in Aguleri showered his prayers and... read more »

ABW Breaking News-Turkish Government Supports Biafra-Se...


  Biafra Cause Grows Internationally As Turkey declares its support Support for Biafra Independence is gaining momentum across the world. According to... read more »

ABW Breaking News–Abuja indigenes Disowns and Rej...

Abuja Indegenes Disown the North

The Federal Capital Territory indigenes have stated that they will not be part of the Arewa Republic if Nigeria breaks up. The Abuja natives said they... read more »

Nollywood Interviews

St Mary Movie Moves to Houston-The Atlanta Successful Launch Stor...

 One of the latest Nollywood Movies-St. Mary was successfully launched in Atlanta USA last Thursday night April 6. This marks an official North American release of this very important... read more »

Queen Nwokoye 1

ABW Exclusive Interview with Queen Nwokoye-Darling of Nollywood

Africa Business World Nollywood Celebrity Interviews with Queen Nwokoye Okechukwu: Ada Queen Ndeewo Kedu Ka imere? Queen: Odimma dalu Okechukwu: Welcome to Africa Business World Nollywood Celebrity Interview Series. We are excited that you took some time, out of your very busy itinerary to do this exclusive interview with Africa Business... read more »

Celebrity Chigozie Atuanya Releases Pictures of Beautif...

IMG_20150917_180542 (1)

Chigozie Atuanya the Super star Nollywood celebrity actor and Producer had a conversation with Okechukwu P. Oranika, the Editor-in Chief of Africa Business... read more »

ABW Exclusive Interview with Tosin Araromi -Miss Nigeri...

Tosin Araromi 3 Africa Business World

The Editor-in-Chief of Africa Business World Paul Okechukwu Oranika had a chat with the new Miss Nigeria USA Queen Tosin Araromi. Here is the full interview... read more »

Nollywood Films Dominate AMAA Award Nominations in Sout...


Nominees from over 35 countries have been selected for this year’s African Movies Academy Awards (AMAA) slated to take place in South Africa on September 26,... read more »

Biafra-Fans-Africa Business World

Biafran Demonstrators Expelled from Nigeria-Algeria Soccer Game i...

Africa Business World has received reports that some of the Nigerians who were present at the U23 Soccer match in Dakar Senegal began displaying giant Biafra Flags , and Logo,  many wore Biafran... read more »


U.S Defeats Germany in Women World Cup Soccer

The United States Women soccer squad defeated Germany in the Quarter finals match on Tuesday night in Montreal. “Carli Lloyd buried a penalty kick, Hope Solo got another shutout and the United States beat top-ranked Germany 2-0 on Tuesday night to advance to the title match at the Women’s World Cup. U.S was awarded a penalty kick in the 69th... read more »

United States Women Soccer Beats China-FIFA 2015


The United States Women Soccer team defeated China at the FIFA Women Soccer match going on in Montreal. Carli Lloyd scored the lone goal against China on... read more »

How Arthur Ashe became only black man to win Wimbledon


History was made 40 years ago when Arthur Ashe became the only black man to ever win Wimbledon-one of the top Tennis trophies in the world. In that match... read more »

Dave Boling: Seahawks defense earns another chance to a...


The Seahawks defense has been a statistical marvel, leading the NFL in most of the important categories, already establishing itself as one of the best in... read more »

Penis attachment Surgery Africa Business World

Do You Need a New Penis? New Penis Transplant Technology is Here

According to an article in the US News and World Report, “Doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital are preparing to perform a penis transplant – a first in U.S. medicine – for an American... read more »

Autumn-Leaf-granite africa Business World

Ameriplus Energy Resources Offers — Nigerian Granite for Sale

Granite: Our Granites are naturally beautiful with various colors, patterns and vein combinations. Our associate operates Granite Quarries in multiple locations in Central and West Africa.  Total reserve at these quarries is over 2 Billion Metric Tons Uses: A. Granite Slabs for Countertops in Kitchen, Hospital, Offices, Churches, and etc B.... read more »

Nigeria’s Energy Problem Escalates as PH Oil Refi...

DR.-KACHIKWU Africa Business World

News reaching Africa Business world indicates that Nigeria’s number one oil refinery at Port harcourt has shut down. This disclosure was made over the... read more »

Surf our Website in 90 Languages including Igbo, Hausa,...

Language translator Africa Business World 2

For Immediate Release Sept 12, 2015 Africa Business World integrates 90 Language Translator with its News Directory Website The new Africa Business World... read more »

Illegal downloading: Should you think twice before usin...


LET’S face it Australia. We’re a nation of pirates. Figures show that we are among the worst in the world when it comes to illegally downloading TV... read more »

Trendy Fashion
igbo cultural wears

Model Kanayo Ntukogu to Direct Igbo Women Cultural Wears Competit...

Model Kanayo Ntukogu (PILA Founder)DIRECTOR OF IGBO Language & Culture (Festival Planning Committee) and one of the founding partners of Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival would direct and... read more »

Black is beautiful Africa Business World

ABW Black is Beautiful Photos-If you got it Flaunt it !

Black is beautiful ! What do you think ? send your Photos to [email protected] ... read more »

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Igwe Ejiamatu 1

Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Gets Major Boost

Crown Prince  HRH Alexander Nwokeabia Ejiamatu 1 of Ugwuoba Enugu State with his wife Lolo Ugosimba posing with Nollywood Celebrities Aki and Pawpaw   The organizers of Igbo Diaspora... read more »


We Are Asking For Referendum, Not War” – IPOB

We would like to use this opportunity to clarify once again that IPOB is asking for self determination as recognised in both United Nations charter on the Rights of Indigenous People and... read more »

Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Rules on Trumps Travel Ban-Partial Win for Trump

ABW has received breaking news that the Supreme Court of the United States has upheld parts of President Trumps Travel Ban. The implication is immediate action not to admit some  types of... read more »

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Femi Kayode

Nigeria: Free Nation Or Conquered Vassal State? – By Femi Fani-Kayode

The first Nigerian civil war was about keeping Nigeria one. The second will be about winning our freedom-Femi Fani-Kayode How can anyone describe Nigeria as a free nation when Sheik Othman... read more »

Chinyere Udoma

Sister Chinyere Udoma to Perform at Igbo Diaspora Cultural Herita...

One of the best known Igbo Gospel singers, Sister Chinyere Udoma will be performing at the upcoming Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival scheduled this coming Labor Day weekend Sept... read more »

Law Mefor


LETS ACTIVATE REFERENDUM By Law Mefor For once, the Northern Youths and South East Youths have agreed on a common agenda: referendum.For me, this is a moment that must be seized by the... read more »

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Kim Jung Crazy Africa Business World

North Korea Threatens to Use its Nuclear Weapons against the United States

The crazy man of North Korea has once again threatened to use it Nuclear weapons against the United States. North Korea has restarted its nuclear facilities at Yongbyon and has enriched its... read more »

Street signs for Wall St. and Broad St. hang at the corner outside the New York Stock Exchange March 24, 2015. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Should You sell your stocks now-Are we headed for another stock m...

Stock market Analysis by Paul O. Oranika President and CEO Africa Business World Every stock owner should be watching what is going on in the world stock markets particularly at this... read more »

Ameriplus Image

Ameriplus Energy Resources Inc. Unveils its Commodity Brokerage S...

For Immediate Release August, 20, 2015 Ameriplus Energy Resources, Inc 2711 Centerville Rd., Suite 400 Wilmington, DE 19808 Ameriplus Energy Resources Inc. Unveils its Commodity Brokerage... read more »

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Niger Delta Africa Business World

Ex-miltants seize vessel, release Nnamdi Kanu- threatened

A group of ex-militants in support of Biafra agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has claimed responsibility for the hijack of a ship on Friday along the Bakassi... read more »

Ex Militants Blow Up Oil Africa Business World

Fear Grips Residents of Brass as Ex-militants Blew Up Agip Oil Pi...

An explosion on oil pipelines belonging to the Nigerian Agip Oil Company by militants, left the residents of coastal communities of Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State in... read more »

nnamdi-kanu Africa Business World

Breaking News Ex-Militants Issue 31 Day Ultimatum for FG to Relea...

Biafra: Ex-militants give FG 31-day ultimatum to release Kanu BY OUR REPORTER ON JANUARY 24, 2016COVER From: Tony John, Port Harcourt Niger Delta ex-militant leaders in support of... read more »

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Clinton now lead Trump with 2 Million Votes, 7 million Ballots Remain Uncounted

As white supremacists celebrate Trump’s victory in Washington DC, America remains deeply divided.”Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory continued to... read more »


ABW Breaking News-Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappro...

Africa Business World has learned that Donald Trump is now preparing a law suit against New York Times and other news outlets that publishes this story. ABW is publishing this story with... read more »


US Presidential Elections 2016-Trump is Finished Analysis by Okec...

The second US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place last Sunday night. Trump has been criticized from both Republican and Democratic angles for the latest... read more »

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South Africa Zulu Virgin Dance Africa Business World 2

Africa- Zulu Virgin Dance for their King-Enjoy the music and dance!

AMAZING great African CULTURE!!! 1,000 VIRGINS DANCE NAKED FOR THE KING IN SOUTH AFRICAN KING “Royal Reed Dance” FESTIVAL-Enjoy the dance Video enclosed at the bottom!   Africa... read more »

US State Department Africa Business World

US State Department Issues Worldwide Travel Alert !

Worldwide Travel Alert LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 23, 2015 The State Department alerts U.S. citizens to possible risks of travel due to increased terrorist threats. Current information... read more »

Fuel Lines in Nigeria Africa Business World

ABW Editorial on Fuel Scarcity and Deteriorating State of the Nig...

These fuel lines are real, the Nigerian government must put more efforts at stabilizing the Nigeria economy which continues to deteriorate. Reports reaching us indicates that some people... read more »

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Biafra Protest at the White House

Biafrans Protest In front of President Obama’s Residence at...

Breaking News- Africa Business World has received reports that there is a huge Biafran rally currently going on in front of the US White House in Washington DC. The rally was described as a... read more »

biafra-protests Africa Business World 2

Dutch Lawyer, Göran Sluiter Filing Charges Against Buhari at ICC ...

According to International Business Times of London, “Lawyers are to file a complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on... read more »

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Nigerian News

To those who threaten to Jail Biafrans

To Those Who Threaten To Jail Biafrans ~ By Femi Fani-Kayode

A man called Nnamdi Kanu and his movement called the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) single-handedly brings the whole of the south-east of our country to a standstill with his one day... read more »


ABW Breaking News– Buhari Can’t Talk, Suffers Speech Impair...

President Muhammad Buhari has reportedly suffered speech impairment in London where he is undertaking treatment. Recall that President Buhari left Nigeria 45 days ago to resume treatment... read more »


Nigeria on Shaky Ground…. by Dr. C. K. Ekeke

Nigeria on Shaky Ground: The Arrogance of the North and Seven Structural Flaws of the Nation’s Foundation by C. K. Ekeke   On June 6, a coalition of sixteen northern youth groups... read more »

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Nollywood Interviews

FB_20150702_13_43_03_Saved_Picture (1)

Promoting and Sustaining Igbo Language and Culture Through Igbo Movies

Paper presented at the 2nd Igbo World festival of Arts and Culture in Staunton, Virginia By HRH Igwe Alexander Nwokeabia Ejiamatu 1 of Ugwuoba, Enugu State Igbo kwenu! Enugu state kwenu!... read more »

Africa Open for Business

New Partnership Unveils Sophisticated Africa Global News and Dire...

For Immediate Release Atlanta GA August 3, 2015 New Partnership Unveils Africa Global News and Directory Platform Africa Business World has launched a state of the art News and Directory... read more »

Chigozie Atunya 3

Africa Business World Exclusive Interview with Nollywood Actor Chigozie Atuanya  Africa Business World: Chigozie Welcome to Africa Business World Nollywood Celebrity Interview Series.... read more »

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