Vatican fires Gay priest Africa Business World

Gay Catholic priest Removed from the Vatican

Africa Business World (Oct 3 2015)–The Vatican on Saturday fired a gay priest  a Polish theologian because he came out and proclaimed he is gay.” The priest had worked at the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrinal arm, since 2003. He was also sacked... read more »

Cargo Ship Missing in Hurricane Africa Business World

Cargo Ship with 33 Crew (31 Americans) Missing in Hurricane

Africa Business World (Oct 2, 2015)–Hurricane Joaquin battered homes and houses in Bahamas; it also uprooted trees along its path of destruction. A cargo ship with 33 people has been reported missing in the stormy conditions created by Hurricane Joaquin. According to published reports, U.S.... read more »

donald-trump Africa Business World

I’ll Return all Syrian Refugees back to Syria if I win- Donald Trump

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has vowed that if he wins the US. Presidential elections, he would return all the Syrian refugees, admitted to the United States by the Obama administration.. Trump said he would return the refugees back to Syria because no body knows how many of... read more »

Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, speaks the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit to the at the United Nations General Assembly im New York September 25, 2015.  AFP PHOTO /  TIMOTHY  A. CLARY        (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Disgrace and Humiliation of Nigeria at the United Nations

From the look of the General Assembly Hall one can almost conclude that the world boycotted the Nigerian President and his speech delivered to the U.N General Assembly on September 28th, 2015. The world leaders, the delegates and most of the gathered international media and the Press were nowhere... read more »


Senate president Saraki Receives Buhari’s Ministerial List

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has received the list of Buhari’s Ministerial nominations, according to Saraki, the Senate would move fast to reconvene soon to consider the matter.  Buhari promised the nation that his ministerial list will be presented in September, and today he has... read more »

georgia woma executed africa business world

Georgia Woman Executed as She Sang “Amazing Grace”

Even a plea from the Pope did not stop Georgia from executing Kelly Renee Gissendaner, who was put to death today. “Kelly Renee Gissendaner, who graduated from a theology program in prison, was put to death at 12:21 a.m. Wednesday after a flurry of last-minute appeals failed”.... read more »

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List of illegal universities in Nigeria published by Nigeria University Commissi...

Many people didn’t expect that this list will be coming but it has been largely rumoured that certificates obtained from Nigerian higher institutions are losing relevance internationally. The Nigerian University Commission(NUC) let the hell loose by publishing the list on their Weekly news bulletin on August 24th, 2015. According to Vanguard news website, the NUC Executive secretary, Julius Okojie, warned that Certificates obtained from these universities and colleges will not be... read more »


Former Actress says Cosby fondled her in his Dressing Room

The former actress on the Cosby Show, Eden Tirl, says she was pulled off the set during a taping episode of “The Cosby Show” in 1989 and was groped by Cosby in his dressing room. This incident according to her was reported to two of Cosby Show staffers but nothing was done about such incident. She said she did not want to come forward adding that she complained but nothing was done because Bill Cosby was a famous person regarded as an icon and because of that she did not go public with her... read more »


Who Won the Republican first Presidential debate?Why was Trump booed?

The first Republican debate took place at Cleveland between 10 Republican candidates leading in the polls. The traditional republican candidates including Jeb Bush, Sen. Rand Paul, Wisconsin Governor Walker and Governor of New Jersey Christy were outclassed by new more conservative elements in the party including Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. There was no clear cut winner last night, but many people including debate analysts believe that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz may have gained from their debate... read more »


Islamic State in Egypt says this man will be executed next

Islamic State affiliate  released a video Wednesday showing a kidnapped Croatian national being held in Egypt. ISIS is threatening to kill him a :if Egyptian authorities does not release “Muslim women” being held in prison within the next 24 hours. The video was released and circulated on the internet by ISIS sympathizers. The man is seen on the video kneeling down next to an ISIS Black flag often shown by ISIS next to execution victims. “Reading calmly from a note in English,... read more »


Triple murder in Florida being investigated as “Ritual Killing”

The July 28th murder of elderly woman Voncile Smith, 77 in Pensacola Florida along with her two sons, Richard Smith, 49, and John Smith, 47,is now being investigated as ‘Ritualistic killing’ according to the Escambia County Sherriff, David Morgan. The bodies of the three victims were discovered in their home on Thursday July 28th 2015 according to police statement. The police said their initial investigation is pointing in the direction of ‘ritual killing’. Such conclusion was reached... read more »


New Partnership Unveils Sophisticated Africa Global News and Directory Platform

For Immediate Release Atlanta GA August 3, 2015 New Partnership Unveils Africa Global News and Directory Platform Africa Business World has launched a state of the art News and Directory website. The new platform is equipped with the latest and most relevant technological know-how to deliver timely news reporting covering all the regions of the world. The company would devote more efforts in covering some parts and regions of the World often traditionally forgotten by major World Media... read more »


Buhari’s Full Speech at the U.N

  Here is Buhari’s full speech delivered at the Assembly on 28 September “President of the General Assembly, Secretary–General, Your Excellencies Heads of State and Governments,... read more »


Buhari’s Ministerial List leaked barely 48 Hours to the release deadline

September 30th is the official deadline set by president Buhari for the release of the Ministerial list. According to Vanguard News, the list has been leaked to the press. below is the unofficial list already leaked out according to Vanguard News. This is more of a speculation since it is not officially validated by the Presidency Here is the... read more »

ABW Exclusive Interview with Tosin Araromi -Miss Nigeri...

Tosin Araromi 3 Africa Business World

The Editor-in-Chief of Africa Business World Paul Okechukwu Oranika had a chat with the new Miss Nigeria USA Queen Tosin Araromi. Here is the full interview... read more »

Chief Olu Falae freed by his abductors!

Solomon-Arase. Africa Business worldjpg

 Chief Olu Falae has been freed by his abductors, according to Sunday Falae who told Channels Television that Falae was released on Thursday afternoon. The... read more »

Pope Francis Arrives at the White House

U.S. President Barack Obama talks to Pope Francis during their meeting at the Vatican March 27, 2014. Obama highlighted growing gaps between rich and poor ahead of his first meeting on Thursday with Pope Francis, an event that was expected to focus on the fight against poverty and skirt moral controversies over abortion and gay rights. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque  (VATICAN - Tags: POLITICS RELIGION) - RTR3ITKX

As the Argentine-born Pope Francis emerged from his plane he smiled and was greeted by President Obama with a warm smile and a handshake. The U.S. President... read more »

Kim Jung Crazy Africa Business World

North Korea Threatens to Use its Nuclear Weapons against the Unit...

The crazy man of North Korea has once again threatened to use it Nuclear weapons against the United States. North Korea has restarted its nuclear facilities at Yongbyon and has enriched its 5mg... read more »

Language translator Africa Business World 2

Surf our Website in 90 Languages including Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Swahili, Zulu

For Immediate Release Sept 12, 2015 Africa Business World integrates 90 Language Translator with its News Directory Website The new Africa Business World website ( has integrated 90 of the most widely spoken languages in the world with its very popular News Directory website. With this technology the company has opened... read more »

Fear and loneliness in China

Loneliness in china

China has developed at unimaginable pace, lifting millions out of poverty. But as part of a series of viewpoints on challenges for China’s new... read more »

Should You sell your stocks now-Are we headed for anoth...

Street signs for Wall St. and Broad St. hang at the corner outside the New York Stock Exchange March 24, 2015. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Stock market Analysis by Paul O. Oranika President and CEO Africa Business World Every stock owner should be watching what is going on in the world stock... read more »

Ameriplus Energy Resources Inc. Unveils its Commodity B...

Ameriplus Image

For Immediate Release August, 20, 2015 Ameriplus Energy Resources, Inc 2711 Centerville Rd., Suite 400 Wilmington, DE 19808 Ameriplus Energy Resources Inc.... read more »


Illegal downloading: Should you think twice before using torrenti...

LET’S face it Australia. We’re a nation of pirates. Figures show that we are among the worst in the world when it comes to illegally downloading TV shows and movies. reported on... read more »


Australia wins seat on UN Security Council

AUSTRALIA has scored a surprising and emphatic win in its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council, coming well ahead of its opponents Luxembourg and Finland with 140 of a possible 193 votes. “Let me just say to you, it is always good to see Australia win,” said Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, stepping out of the UN’s Great... read more »

Alessandra Ambrosio’s treasure chest for Victoria...


Brazilian stunner Alessandra Ambrosio, who is modelling the $2.5 million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra set, talks about her fitness regime. It’s an honour... read more »

How lotto millionaires spent their jackpots


JACUZZIS and hot tubs to caravans. Here’s what the UK’s 3,000 Lotto millionaires did with the jackpots. While many bought houses, cars and luxury... read more »

Pope names first Native American saint


Pope Benedict XVI has named seven new saints, including the first Native American to be canonised. Kateri Tekakwitha, known as “Lily of the... read more »

Ngozi okonjo Iweala Africa Business World

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala named to Two International Positions

EX MINISTER THANKS NIGERIANS AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FOR SUPPORTFormer Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has accepted two key international... read more »


Nigeria is negotiating with Boko Haram-President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said that the Nigerian federal government is negotiating with Boko Haram for the release of Chibok girls captured by Boko Haram on April 14, 2014 during a raid of the Chibok school campus. Buhari made the disclosures during an answer to a question posed by a Nigerian at his Paris conference. Buhari said his... read more »

Igbo World Assembly wants Federal Character Reflected i...

Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze

08 Sep 2015   The apex Igbo organization in diaspora, Igbo World Assembly , IWA, has faulted the recent appointment by the current administration, saying... read more »

Focus on Nigerian States-This Week Spotlight is on Cros...


Africa Business World continues with its new weekly series entitled “Focus on Nigerian States”. This week we are focusing on Cross Rivers State. As... read more »

Welcome address by Gov. Willie Obiano during the South ...

Governor willy-obiano1africa business world

Welcome Address by the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano during the Regional Security Conference of the South East and Delta States in the... read more »


Best Online Businesses for Women

In the past, stay at home moms have no opportunities to work from their homes and at the same time engage in the most important job anyone can do-raising their children. But times have changed and... read more »


United States Women Soccer Beats China-FIFA 2015

The United States Women Soccer team defeated China at the FIFA Women Soccer match going on in Montreal. Carli Lloyd scored the lone goal against China on Friday on the 51st minute of the match through a header. The match was dominated by the USA team but failed to score during the first 45 minutes when they had numerous scoring opportunities.The... read more »

Terrorism Spreading across the World-Three Attacks Toda...


Today the world witnessed three different attacks in France, Kuwait, and Tunisia all in different continents of the world. According to the New York Times,37... read more »

CFMEU ‘threatened Queensland crane company with boycott...


THE powerful construction union pressured the clients of a Queensland crane company to boycott the business unless it gave in to union demands on enterprise... read more »

Cohn: McGuinty resigns: Chris Bentley could be first ca...


Who will lead the Liberals back into the wilderness, whence they came nearly a decade before? That’s the challenge facing the leadership aspirants who want... read more »

Dating Tips

12 Celebs that Look much Younger than Their Age

  Monica Bellucci 50   Monica Bellucci is talented in acting as well as modeling. She is of Italian heritage which enables her to work in both the Italian and American modeling and acting... read more »


Things Guys Do On First Date Women Hate!

First time date could be challenging to the partners. When you first meet your date  you know so little about your partner’s choices and preferences. The significance and importance of your first impression on your partner could not be understated First impression goes a long way to influence the perception of your partner about who you are and... read more »

European Union
Putin Speech at the UN Africa Business world

Highlights of Putin’s address to the U.N 2015

President Putin addressed the United Nations General Assembly on September 28, 2015.  Here are the Highlights of his speech Need to create a genuinely broad international coalition against... read more »


Two Austrian teenagers, joined ISIS in April, both pregnant and now begs to come back home

Seventeen year old Samra Kesinovic and 15 year old Sabina Selimovic according to the New York Post,left their home in Autria to join ISIS. They are currently living in the Syrian city of Raqqa located in the ISIS controlled Northern Region of Syria. According to news reports, both teenagers are currently pregnant, and are begging to come back... read more »

Iranian Priminister address at the UN Africa Business World

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani address Highlights to the UN Gen...

Highlights of the Iranian President’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly September 28, 2015  Praised the nuclear deal struck between Iran and Western nations this summer. Deal was... read more »

Obama addresses UN Africa Business World

Highlights of President Obama’s address to the UN Sept 28, 2015

President Barack Obama addressed the UN General Assembly today September 28, 2015. here are the Highlights of the presidents address Iran nuclear accord good for world peace Talked about the bloodshed in Syria Says President Assad must go the rise of ISIS and dangers to the world community U.S Restoration of diplomatic relations... read more »

Pope Francis to celebrate his last U.S. Mass in Philade...


About one million people are gathering on Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia for Pope Francis’ last mass in his US tour. Security is very intense;... read more »

Read full text of Pope Francis Powerful Speech to U.S. ...

Pope Francis Speech to Congress Africa Business World

 In the first ever Papal address to the Joint House of the U. S. Congress, Pope Francis urged America to come to the help of millions of undocumented... read more »

Chief Ozo Anakwe urges Igbos to reject any Buhari appoi...


Read the full interview below How do you assess the appointments of President Buhari so far? Ndigbo have been vindicated by telling Nigerians not to vote... read more »


Jury out on organic food

THE debate over whether organic food is better for our health keeps raging on as the conclusion of four decades of studies seems far from clear. The controversy was back in the news last month when... read more »


How to handle the aftermath of infidelity

DAVID and Gwen perched at opposite ends of the couch the first time they came to my office. As soon as they sat down, David started talking about Gwen’s affair with her co-worker. He fluctuated between outrage and grief as he described his feelings since learning that his wife of two years had been unfaithful. Gwen said that the affair... read more »

What is the best time of day to run?


Will running in the morning provide any extra benefits compared to training at any other time of day? Blackmores’ Online Personal Trainer and Weight Loss... read more »

Dr Michael Gelb shares his tips for a healthy mind


MENS sana in corpore sano” is a Latin phrase coined 2500 years ago by Socratic priests. But its meaning (a sound mind in a healthy body) is just as... read more »

Fancy hot dogs are coming to Toronto in a big way


Pizza Hut will be stuffing its crusts with wieners for the next six weeks and just last Tuesday this city’s latest stab at a gourmet hot dog joint opened on... read more »


USA beats Japan in the FIFA Women 2015 final

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – The United States Women Soccer team has once and for all shown that the United States is now an equal partner in the field of Soccer, and no longer to be taken for... read more »


US Faces Japan in World Cup Final in Vancouver

The United States women’s national team will play Japan in the Women’s World Cup final at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver on Sunday at 7 p.m. The game will be televised by Fox.The Americans advanced to the final with a 2-0 defeat of Germany and have not allowed a goal in their last five games. Japan upended England 2-1 to reach the title... read more »

U.S Defeats Germany in Women World Cup Soccer


The United States Women soccer squad defeated Germany in the Quarter finals match on Tuesday night in Montreal. “Carli Lloyd buried a penalty kick, Hope Solo... read more »

Dave Boling: Seahawks defense earns another chance to a...


The Seahawks defense has been a statistical marvel, leading the NFL in most of the important categories, already establishing itself as one of the best in... read more »

Vince Grella’s Melbourne Heart debut beckons, but...


VINCE Grella is confident he will prove his critics wrong, but the Socceroos’ World Cup qualifier against Jordan in March is the farthest thing from his... read more »


Nollywood Films Dominate AMAA Award Nominations in South Africa 2...

Nominees from over 35 countries have been selected for this year’s African Movies Academy Awards (AMAA) slated to take place in South Africa on September 26, 2015. Nigerian Nollywood movies are... read more »

Burkina-Faso Africa Business World

African Union Suspends Burkina Faso from Membership Following the Coup

The African Union has suspended Burkina Faso and slapped sanctions on its leaders for staging a military coup as troops tried to stop protesters from marching on the capital’s Revolution Square. “The 54-member bloc also imposed a travel ban and asset freeze on the junta’s leaders, with Uganda’s representative denouncing the kidnapping of... read more »

ABW Exclusive Interview with Lady Kate Director of Miss...

Lady Kate  Africa Business World 2

  Following the successful completion of Miss Africa USA Pageant 2015, Africa Business World was granted an interview by the Director of Miss Africa USA... read more »

See official Coronation Pictures for Frances Udukwu Mis...

Coronation Photos for Frances Udukwu

Africa Business World congratulates Frances Udukwu for winning the Miss Africa USA Pageant 2015, which took place at the Fillmore Hotel in Silver Springs... read more »

Photos of Contestants -Miss Africa USA Pageant 2015 -Fr...


Miss Africa USA Beauty Pageant Extravaganza is few weeks away, the event takes place at the Fillmore Hotel in Silver Springs Maryland, August 29th, 2015. The... read more »

Common-Types-of-Cancers africabusinessworld

Common Cancer Symptoms you should know about

Cancer is a disease of many common symptoms depending on the particular form of the cancer and where it resides. In this list we go through 12 alarming signs of cancer that while pro-longed you... read more »

Beauty Queen brandi

Pennsylvania Beauty Queen Brandi Weaver-Gates Jailed

A 23-year-old Pennsylvania Beauty Queen Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates was living a good life following her win of the Miss Pennsylvania US International Pageant. Her life took a sudden twist and turn when news broke that she used deception to benefit from fundraisers when she claimed she had cancer. She is also being stripped of her crown. The Sponsors... read more »

Over 60 million Refugees in the World According to UN


The global refugee problem has reached crisis stage. According to the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) global trends report, more than 60 million... read more »

Why so many Australians are heading for the gym


WORKING up a sweat at the gym is the second most popular fitness activity for Australians – behind walking – a report suggests. The latest... read more »

Dance walking trend hits Toronto


Balancing her boom box on her shoulder, Susan Shapiro leads our dance walk group of 24 brave souls down St. Clair Ave. W. on a hot, lazy Sunday morning in... read more »

Holiday Ideas

Three Inexpensive Theme Park Travel Destinations in US

Do you there are some inexpensive travel destinations in the United States which are by far less expensive that Disney World. Here are three Theme Park destinations for your consideration as you kick... read more »


The private jets of luxury airline Amiri in Qatar are top secret

IT’S the airline you can’t fly on. Unless you’re royalty, or a government official in Qatar, that is. Sarah Steegar, a flight attendant with a major US carrier for the past 15 years, sheds some light on what could be the world’s most mysterious carrier. The first I’d heard about this airline was an encounter my friend Adam claims he... read more »

Tom and Gisele Have a “Perfect Sunday” in B...


A little snow didn’t stop Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady from enjoying Boston with a large group of friends on Sunday. The couple bundled up against... read more »

Aussie experts reveal their travel tips


WE ASKED four Australian travel and tourism heavyweights to cast their minds towards 2013. What challenges are facing the cruising, hotel and airline... read more »

Discovering ABBA in Stockholm


“ABBA made the best music there ever was, and I discovered them because as a little boy I had dental braces,” says Micke Bayart, ultra-fan and... read more »

Opeyemi Agbaje

Buhari’s first 100 days By Opeyemi Agbaje

As President Muhammadu Buhari’s 100 days in office approached, a curious drama opened when Femi Adesina, the president’s special adviser on media and publicity, claimed after 75 days that... read more »

Femi Kayode 3 Africa Business World

Lord Lugard’s magic and Flora Shaw’s spell, by Femi Fani-Kayode

In 1916, Lord Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, the 1st Baron Lugard, the fourteenth Governor of Hong Kong and the first Governor-General of Nigeria, said the following: “Lagos has for 20 years opposed every Governor and has fomented strife and bloodshed in the hinterland. I have spent the best part of my life in Africa; my aim has been the... read more »

Anambra State Immortalizes Prof. Dora Akunyili

Dora Akunyili africa business world

The prestigious Women Development Center in Awka, Anambra State Capital has been renamed for Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili former Nigeria’s Minister for... read more »



In 418 BC Herodotus, the Greek philosopher, who is known as the “father of history,” said “a man who does not know anything about the events that took... read more »


Femi Ajayi


<> at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Nigerian American Uzo Aduba wins her second Emmy Award

Africa Business World congratulates young Uzo Aduba for winning her second Emmy Award, this time as the best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her role in Orange is the New Black (OITNB). In... read more »

awolowo2-600x350 Africa Business World

Mrs. HID Awolowo, widow of Chief Obafemi Awolowo Passes at 99 years

The widow and Matriarch of the Awolowo family Chief (Mrs.) Hannah Idowu Awolowo, the widow of Chief Obafemi Awolowo has passed away at the age of 99 years. She passed away in her home at Ikenne Ogun State of Nigeria. She died at 3.15 am on Saturday according to family sources. Arrangements were just being finalized for the celebration of her... read more »

Beautiful Nigeria’s Frances Udukwu wins Miss Africa USA...

Frances Udukwu crowning ceremony Miss Africa USA

Beautiful Frances Udukwu representing Nigeria has won the highly contested Miss Africa USA Pageant held last night at Silver Springs Maryland. Frances has made... read more »

Record numbers of Americans renounced their citizenship...

Americans renounce africabusinessworld

For the most part most immigrants in the world want to immigrate to the United States. It is therefore surprising that new U.S. Treasury Department data shows... read more »

Promoting and Sustaining Igbo Language and Culture Thro...

FB_20150702_13_43_03_Saved_Picture (1)

Paper presented at the 2nd Igbo World festival of Arts and Culture in Staunton, Virginia By HRH Igwe Alexander Nwokeabia Ejiamatu 1 of Ugwuoba, Enugu... read more »

nicole images

Nicole Scherzinger turns heads with her bikini swim suit

Nicole Scherzinger as seen recently in swim suit. She is stunningly beautiful in this recent beach scene. She turns heads left and right in this swim suit appearance!       Comments Wha read more »


Cheap weddings for older couples but guests are still paying the price

WEDDINGS might be getting cheaper these days, but only for the bride and groom Loved up Aussies are heading down the aisle later than ever and most are paying $35 000 for the privilege. Food and alcohol tops the most expensive list, followed by flowers, venue, wedding outfits and photographers. The reduced expenditure can be explained by the fact... read more »

My ex-husband committed suicide


KATIE Paul didn’t expect her new partner to stick around in the aftermath of her ex-husband’s suicide. But he did, and they learnt to make every... read more »

Loblaw cuts 700 Toronto head office jobs


The decision by Loblaw Companies Limited to chop 700 jobs from the payroll in administration and at head office in Brampton on Tuesday was met with mixed... read more »

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart—the Best of Their ...


Did anyone really think Robsten wouldn’t survive a little cheating scandal? Of course not. Since word of their much-anticipated reconciliation broke this... read more »


Olu Falae kidnapped –Fani Kayode warns FG that Falae must be retu...

The former Secretary to the federal government of Nigeria, Olu Falae was kidnapped yesterday on his 77th birthday. According to reports, his abductors suspected to be Fulani Herdsmen were demanding... read more »

Buhari to Negociatiate with Boko Haram Africa Businessworld

82% of Nigerians Responding to ABW Survey oppose Negotiating with Boko Haram

When President Buhari disclosed in Paris that his administration is seeking for legitimate Boko Haram leaders to negotiate with, Africa Business World asked the question of whether Nigeria Should negotiate with Boko Haram. We invited commentaries from Nigerians from across the world to take a position one way or the other. Majority of the... read more »

Should Nigeria Negotiate with Boko Haram? Please add yo...

buhari-shakau-boko-haram Africa Business World

This week the Nigeria President Buhari in answering a question posed to him by a Nigerian in Paris told Nigerians in the Diaspora that his administration is... read more »

Amaechi, Fayemi and Fashola fail DSS Ministerial Cleara...

Amaechi-Fayemi-Fashola africa business world

More screenings have continued with more potential ministerial positions for Buhari’s administration. According to reports published on Skytrendnews, Rotimi... read more »

VP Osinbajo blames Present Northern Leaders for Backwar...

Osinbajo Africa Business Worldjpg

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the present crop of northern leaders were responsible for the backwardness of the region, saying they had abandoned... read more »

Nollywood Interviews
Chigozie Atunya 3

Africa Business World Exclusive Interview with Nollywood Actor Chigozie Atuanya  Africa Business World: Chigozie Welcome to Africa Business World Nollywood Celebrity Interview Series. Chigozie... read more »

Chetanna, Nollywood 2014 Thriller Movie_14

“CHETANNA” What a magnificent audio-visual performance!!

Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the premiering of Chigozie Atuanya\’s latest Award winning movie, “Chetanna” which was first premiered at the 1st Igbo World Festival of Arts and Cuture. The new movie showcases some of the best superstar actors in Nollywood including Chigozie Atuanya, Queen Nwokoye, Ebube Nwagbo, Ebele... read more »


How Arthur Ashe became only black man to win Wimbledon

History was made 40 years ago when Arthur Ashe became the only black man to ever win Wimbledon-one of the top Tennis trophies in the world. In that match Arthur Ashe defeated Jimmy Connors, who was... read more »


The best and worst A-League imports

A-LEAGUE marquee players can be like the little girl with the curl. Like Alessandro Del Piero, when they’re good, they’re very, very good. When they’re bad, they’re horrid. Like Mario Jardel. The marquee player concept appeared a great idea when the league started in 2005. It went out of fashion for a time because of some... read more »

Perth Glory go top of A-League after 2-0 win over Melbo...


A GOAL in either half propelled Perth Glory to a 2-0 win over Melbourne Heart and a share of top spot on the A-League ladder. Glory had the better of the... read more »

Lance Armstrong dumped by Nike, his biggest corporate s...


Nike, the biggest corporate supporter of Lance Armstrong, has terminated its endorsement deal with the embattled cyclist following last week’s damning... read more »

Walkom: McGuinty resigns: Dalton McGuinty takes democra...


When Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament for just six weeks in 2010, he was called a dictator. “What’s Stephen Harper trying to hide?” the... read more »


Crash test: games in review

TRISTAN Ogilvie reviews the latest games including XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Pokemon and Way of the Samurai 4. XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN [MA] PC/PS3/Xbox 360, $69.95/$89.95 Rating: 4/5 A re-imagining of a... read more »


The far-crying game: Far Cry 3 focused on story

STORY and character were never the strong suit of the Far Cry series. But all that’s about to change. At a recent preview of the game attended by, it was clear that Ubisoft Montreal have taken the task of creating Far Cry 3’s story very seriously indeed. The game thrusts you into the shoes of a kidnapped American tourist... read more »

Smart software solutions that are cheap — or free


Having just spent hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars on a computer that will inevitably become the cornerstone of your very life, it’s easy to... read more »

Facebook beefs up its security, adds tools for mobile d...


Facebook Inc., operator of the world’s largest social network, is bolstering efforts to make its services more secure with seven new partners and new tools... read more »

Lance Armstrong steps down as head of foundation, gets ...


In his first acknowledgment that his personal brand has been damaged by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s voluminous account of what it characterized as... read more »

Viral Stories
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Burkina Faso-Africa Business World

Violence erupts in Burkina Faso as Military takes over

Early on Thursday morning, September 17, 2015, an army spokesman, Lt. Col. Mamadou Bamba, appeared on Burkina Faso Television station at Ouagadougou to make a statement that the military... read more »

Buhari 100 Days in Office Africa Business World

55% of Nigerian Groups surveyed not impressed with Buhari’s 100 D...

Africa Business World has evaluated the opinions of some major groups in Nigeria with regard to Buhari’s 100 Days in office. What we did is to use a 10 point must scoring system to assign... read more »

Frances Udukwu Parade of Nations Africa Business World

Miss Africa USA Pageant Frances Udukwu’s outfit for the Pa...

  Celebrating the resounding Success of Miss Africa USA 2015 Pageant, the 10th Anniversary in Washington DC. Check out the Parade of Nations Contest. Delegates showcase their national... read more »

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Michelle Obama Honors Four Nigerian Graduates-Called Them young geniuses

Four Nigerian Students were named as best graduating students at the Dillard University, New Orleans, the U.S.A. The ceremony for 226 graduates was held at the University Auditorium and... read more »

Lower-Niger Congress africabusinessworldjpg

Lower Niger Congress Responds to ACF on Biafra Quest for Independ...

NIGERIA NOW FRACTURED BEYOND REDEMPTION, HEADING IRREVERSIBLY TO ITS TERMINUS”…LNC August 26, 2015 Yesterday, August 25, 2015, media reports had it that the Arewa CONSULTATIVE... read more »


President Buhari’s Dictatorial Tendencies By Benjamin Obiaj...

  In an address to the 55th Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) PMB was quoted as follows: President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday in Abuja urged Nigerian... read more »

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Nigerians Speak out on Buhari’s Appointments Favoring Mostly Northern Men

What do Nigerians Think About President Buhari’s lopsided Appointments in favor of Northern  men? Here are the opinions of 14 Nigerians from various Ethnic Groups 1. Alhaji Abba Kyari of... read more »

(FILE) Fugitive Salafist Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir Arrested

How did Fleeing ISIS Fugitive Ahmad Al-Assir get issued with Nige...

A Radical Muslim Cleric, by name Ahmad Al-Assir was arrested by Lebanese security authorities while he was attempting to catch a flight bound for Nigeria,“at the Beirut’s Rafik Hariri... read more »

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Debate Topic-Could Nigeria still be rescued? We welcome your Thou...

The following views were expressed by Mazi Ugo Ukandu as a response to a question asked by Dr. Osuji on what exactly do you think is the solution to the mess that is Nigeria?  Africa... read more »

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Tosin Araromi 2 Miss Nigeria USA 2015 africabusinessworld

Pretty Tosin Araromi crowned as New Miss Nigeria USA 2015

The Miss Nigeria USA organization led by Director Joy Ikedinma released the following message “The 10th year Anniversary of Miss Africa USA Pageant was a huge success as our very own... read more »


Buhari’s one sectional appointments further Divides Nigerians

President Muhammad Buhari’s has appointed his long time political friend Engr. David Lawal as the Secretary to the Federal Government, and he also appointed Alhaji Abba Kyari as his... read more »

boko-haram new image 2

Boko Haram Strengthens Ties with ISIS -Sends 200 Jihadists to Fig...

The Nigerian Fundamentalist group Boko Haram has strengthened its ties with ISIS according to AP News Reports, and has sent in 200 Jihadists to fight in the city of Sirte in Libya. In March... read more »

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