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end of Big Oil

Breaking News–This could be the end for Big Oil and Oil Exporting Eco...

A stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel… Enough fuel, in fact, to power the entire globe for over 36,000 years. This fuel is so revolutionary, it’s poised to decimate Big Oil’s obscene profits, make OPEC obsolete, and hand the... read more »


Arrest of Two Black Men in Philadelphia Starbucks Sparks Anger Among Black ...

Philadelphia prides itself as the “City of Brotherly Love” but arrest of two blackmen in a Philadelphia Starbucks has sparked anger in the Black communities in light of the fact that the two black men did not commit any offense. They were sitting in the Starbucks coffee shop like... read more »

UK, US and France attack Syria

US, UK, and France Joint Operations Against Syria Starts

In an address to the nation just concluded by Trump, the president told Americans that a joint military operation has begun in Syria with the aim of stopping  rogue Assad regime from using chemical weapons. The operation was just launched and reports reaching Africa Business World indicates that... read more »

Michael Cohen

FBI Storms Donald Trump’s Attorney’s Office-Seizing many Docume...

  WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. stormed the Rockefeller Center office and Park Avenue hotel room  of Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen and removed many documents believed to be connected with the $130,000 hush money payment made to Stormy Daniels days before the last... read more »


Ohaneze Crisis Worsens as Ohaneze Youth Wing and Women Wing Suspends John N...

News reports reaching us at Africa Business World indicates that the Ohaneze Youth wing along with the Ohaneze women wing have issued statements suspending  Chief John Nnia Nwodo as the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo. The following were also published by the PUNCH on this matter “The... read more »

New Chemical Attack in Syria

US Considers Military Response To New Chemical Attack by Bashar al-Assad of...

A new Chemical attack allegations have been made against the Syrian government of Assad. The attacks allegedly occurred on Saturday Night April 7th according to the reports made by a Syrian “White Helmet organization” which tweeted the following words, accompanied by several photo... read more »

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Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival Part 3-Summit and Igbo Workshop-See Pho...

Incredible PILA Igbo School Dancers from Baltimore Having completed parts 1 and 2 of this report, here is the story of Part 3, in the 5 Part Series which will wrap up with Parts 4 and 5-The Communique Part 3-The Igbo Summit and Igbo Language Workshop Resourceful Nwannedinamba women we are grateful for your hospitality Singer Ngozi Igwe Day 2 began with Continental breakfast offered by the Best Western Hotel, which began around 6.30 am and ended at 10 am. Soon afterwards, Igbo Diaspora Cultural... read more »


Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017-Part 2-See Photos

 The High Table Men and Women of honor, below them are Igbo Cultural Artifacts  Proudly Displaying their Igbo Cultural Heritage Young PILA Igbo School students from Baltimore USA happily showing off their Igbo cultural clothing. This generation of Igbo children born in the diaspora love to learn how to speak Igbo language! Our goal is to help them achieve this objective!   Day One-Opening Day Reception and Meet and Greet (Friday) The Friday Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017... read more »


Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 Story with Pictures

HRH Igwe Ihedikwa with Ichie Dr. and Mrs Udorji Introduction–History was made in Maryland –Part 1 of  5 Part Series The first Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 has made history. For the first time Ndigbo and their friends (more than 600 guests) from many countries including Nigeria, South Africa,  England, Canada and over 15 states in the United States assembled at the Best Western Hotel at 5910 Princess Garden Parkway in Lanham  Maryland for a sole purpose-To... read more »


Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 Opens in Maryland

The Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 opens up with a welcoming and meet and greet ceremonies which took place at the Best Western Hotel in Lanham Maryland. Guests who arrived early were welcomed officially by members of the Planning Committee along with the host organization Nwannedinamba USA. Among those in attendance were guests from South Africa, England, Nigeria, Canada, and many states in the United States, including Georgia, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and other parts... read more »


Vanguard Breaking News-Igbos in America Conclude Arrangements for Cultural Festi...

The story of the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 coming up September 1-3 in Maryland USA has saturated the Nigerian media adding to the importance and significance of this historical event. The purpose of this world class event is to drum up support, publicity and strategies to stem the demise of Igbo language and culture. In this story published by Vanguard news, Mazi Okechukwu Oranika talks with the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) about plans to increase the usage of Igbo language... read more »


Igbo Cultural Wears Competition in Maryland Sept 2 (Labor Day Weekend)

The Planning Committee of the Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017 is putting up extraordinary Igbo Cultural shows including the hot Igbo women and women Cultural wears competition . This must see event is being organized by Model Kanayo Ntukogu, founder of PILA Igbo School in Baltimore Maryland come September 1-3 which is traditional end of Summer Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States. This event is less than 2 weeks away, the event Hotel venue, Best Western Capital Beltway... read more »


Angola’s economic growth seen rising to 2.25% this year: IMF

Angola’s economic growth is expected to quicken to 2.25 percent this year from one percent in 2017, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Friday. Angola’s economy is expected to expand... read more »

listeria strain that has killed 180 people

South Africa’s RCL says no traces of deadly listeria strain at its factory

Independent tests at RCL Foods’ processed meat factory have not found any traces of a listeria strain that has killed 180 people since January last year, the South African food producer said on Friday. #Listeriosis outbreak: What you need to know Health authorities ordered a recall of processed meat known as “polony”, made by Tiger... read more »

South Africa demands Australian minister retract white ...


South Africa demanded on Thursday that Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton retract comments that suggested white farmers were being persecuted and... read more »

Our New Hard Copy Book on Derivatives Trading is out-To...

Practical Derivatives

Ladies and Gentlemen the Hard Copy 3rd edition of my co-authored book has been released by the London based publisher, Globe Law and Business. I thank God for... read more »



Following the conclusion of the successful 1st Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival which took place in Lanham Maryland from September 1-3, 2017 the... read more »

China Vs US Trade War

US and China Trade War Begins-Who Would Win?

While President Trump downplays the impact of recent trade tariffs initiated against China and the reciprocal Chinese tariffs against US products, many people fear that a trade war between US and... read more »

Biafra May 30th Rallies

May 30th Biafra 50th Anniversary: Lessons for Nigeria and the World-See Videos

May 30th, 2017 is a day to be recorded in Biafran history as a day the people of Biafra showed the world that although they were forcefully reunited with Nigeria in 1970 following the end of the Nigeria/Biafra war, their minds, hearts and souls still resides in Biafra. The Biafra movement led by IPOB. an organization which leads the effort to... read more »

Biafra news
Louis Farrakan

Farrakhan the Most Powerful Islamic Leader in America Proclaims J...

Louis Farrakhan the powerful leader of the Black Islamic Movement in America proclaims Jesus Christ as his redeemer, and says he may be punished for what he has been preaching during the past 40... read more »

Igwe Ihediwa 1

Igbos in Diaspora Celebrate Igbo Language and Culture- See over 80 Photos

                 His Royal Highness, Igwe Ihediwa Igbo Diaspora Cultural Heritage Festival 2017-The Story of Success We paused on presentation of Part four story in light of the killings of young Igbos in South East as a respect for the innocent kids between ages of 16 and 25. We ask that before continuing with the reading of this story... read more »

Washington DC Biafra Rally-See U.S Media News Presentat...

Biafra Rally at US Capitol

More American mainstream media now cover the Biafra story. In this video you will listen to the EWTN Biafra Rally in Washington DC Oct 11, 2017 under the... read more »

IPOB Biafra Rally in Austria– See the Video

IPOB Rally in Austria

It appears the worldwide Biafra demonstrations will be with us for quite sometime to come. This is the Biafra rally in Austria. The passion of Biafrans have... read more »

European Union Grants Rally Permit to Biafrans-see vide...


More and more Biafran rallies are occurring across the world. Africa Business World has received new YouTube Video links for an impressive Biafra rally in... read more »


How digital technology can help reinvent basic education in Afric...

Rohen d’Aiglepierre and Amélie Aubert, AFD (Agence française de développement), and Pierre-Jean Loiret, Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF) African countries have worked hard to... read more »


Bunnings’ British and Ireland investment sinks deeper into trouble

Hardware giant Bunnings’ attempt to invade the British Isles has sunk deeper into trouble, with its first-quarter sales in the UK and Ireland falling more than 13 per cent. Retail conglomerate Wesfarmers on Wednesday said its Bunnings United Kingdom and Ireland division had sales of £276 million ($457 million) in the first three months of... read more »

Bunnings’ British and Ireland investment sinks de...


Hardware giant Bunnings’ attempt to invade the British Isles has sunk deeper into trouble, with its first-quarter sales in the UK and Ireland falling... read more »

Banks continue to try for deal with ASIC over interest ...

anz bank

ANZ Bank and National Australia Bank are continuing to thrash out the details of a settlement agreement with the corporate watchdog over the landmark case... read more »

Returning migrants to The Gambia: the political, social...


Franzisca Zanker | Freiburg University Hardly a day goes by without a discussion on the migrants (including refugees) who have entered Europe in large numbers... read more »

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European Union
FILE PHOTO - A general view of the pro-independence rally in Barcelona, Spain June 11, 2017. REUTERS/Albert Gea

Catalan Secession Vote, Nigeria Nightmares?-Barron Magazine Artic...

There is no doubt that the recent crackdown of unarmed peaceful Biafran young demonstrators has backfired on Nigerian government by fully internationalizing the Biafra case throughout the world. ... read more »

nnamdi Kanu

UK seeks clarification about Kanu’s status, whereabouts from FG

The United Kingdom has asked the Federal Government to clarify the status and whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu. The British government said it had asked the government if the British national was alive or dead. However, it could not be immediately ascertained if the Federal Government had responded to the... read more »

Fani Kayode: Open Letter to Buhari-See Just Released Vi...


Fani Kayode: Relentless Pursuit of the Truth Kayode wrote a wake up call and open letter to President Buhari, says Buhari’s government is not telling the... read more »

IPOB not a Terrorist Organization-US Government

Biafran rally

Nigerian government stands alone in its decision to label IPOB as a terrorist organization. No other country in the world regard IPOB as a terrorist body,... read more »

Bianca Ojukwu Speaks on IPOB-FREEDOM FIGHTERS? YES! TER...


  Press ReleaseBy Iyom Bianca Ojukwu FREEDOM FIGHTERS? YES! TERRORISTS? NO! The Federal Govt has just declared IPOB a... read more »

Obi-Nwakanma-2 (1)

What Igbos Must Do Now-A letter From Prof Obi Nwakanma

Dear Dr. Nwosu: Part of the reason why Igbo political action is defective is that we talk too much, and act miserably. The current situation with the current regime in Nigeria demands more action,... read more »

Wole Soyinka

Biafra has not been defeated-Wole Soyinka

  Wole Soyinka-Nobel Laureate Biafra has not been defeated July 11, 2017 By Wole SoyinkaOn July 6, 1967, civil war broke out in Nigeria between the country’s military and the forces of Biafra, an independent republic proclaimed by ex-Nigerian military officer Odumegwu Ojukwu on May 30 of that year. The... read more »

ABW News Scoop-High Profile USA Journalist Makes the Ca...

Ralph Alswang

Biafra Nationhood: Unfinished Decolonization  By Bruce Fein  Biafra, dominated by the great Igbo race, enjoyed sovereignty before Great Britain... read more »

Nnamdi Kanu-From Political Prisoner to Igbo Political A...

Nnamdi Kanu 2

Nnamdi Kanu-A Comparison with World’s most known Freedom Seekers The rise and ascendancy of Nnamdi Kanu to the Igbo Political advocacy was sudden and... read more »

Just Before You Say Biafra By Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo


June 2, 2017 Just before you say Biafra, know and remember that the ideals of Nigeria have not been tried and found wanting.... read more »


Nurse practitioners not always compensated for providing medical ...

The Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario says some of its members are helping to provide their patients with medically assisted deaths without compensation. It wasn’t until April of 2017... read more »


Health Canada rejects claim that new radon gas standards put Canadians at risk

The association representing Canada’s homebuilders is claiming that Ottawa’s first-ever set of guidelines to reduce cancer-causing radon gas in basements is itself dangerous. “This standard is being rushed to publication while there remain many unresolved issues which could result in severe and immediate health problems, and... read more »

It’s official — the Harper government muzzled sci...


This is an excerpt from Second Opinion, a weekly roundup of eclectic and under-the-radar health and medical science news emailed to subscribers every Saturday... read more »

Ontario man back home in Toronto rehab centre after bei...


An elderly Toronto man who was stuck in a Florida hospital because his insurance company said there were no beds available back home is in a rehab hospital in... read more »

Ontario failing to recover millions in fraudulent OHIP ...


Ontario’s Ministry of Health is doing little to crack down on doctors who improperly bill OHIP, according to information obtained by CBC/Radio-Canada.... read more »

Holiday Ideas

Growing Calls for Recount–Is Computer Hacking Responsible f...

Respected Computer Scientist Professor J. Alex Halderman, at University of Michigan urges Recount of Ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania-Three states responsible for Trump’s win in... read more »

Femi Ajayi


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 Prof. Femi Ajayi SOBEF650@aol.comABOUT COLUMNIST ANNOUNCE THIS ARTICLE TO YOUR FRIENDS THE 45th US PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TR ere comes the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, whose behavioral problems forced him out of the Kew-Forest School at the age of thirteen, and... read more »


Man who donated kidney to stranger feeling ‘right as rain&#...

A Nova Scotia man who gave one of his kidneys to help a stranger is recovering well and says he’s touched by the outpouring of support for his decision. “Real beauty, true gratitude. A... read more »


Shoe inserts may not help plantar heel pain

Mass-produced shoe inserts available on drugstore shelves and customized orthotics may not work for plantar heel pain, a research review suggests. Plantar heel pain is one of the most common foot ailments, accounting for about 15 per cent of foot symptoms requiring medical attention and 10 per cent of running injuries, researchers note in the... read more »

Polish firm sued over tricking homeless into flu vaccin...


Last year, doctors and nurses were given suspended prison terms for misleading some 200 people, mostly homeless, in the town of Grudziadz, Poland, into... read more »

Kamsack doctor charged with improperly prescribing opio...


A doctor in Kamsack, Sask., who lost his ability to prescribe methadone is now charged with improperly prescribing opioids and benzodiazepines to patients,... read more »

What’s the difference between a supervised consum...


In light of the opioid and fentanyl crisis, supervised consumption sites (SCS) and overdose prevention sites (OPS) continue to be the topic of discussion in... read more »

Nigerian News

IPOB Member Receives an Award from the Spanish Parliament

A unknown member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) today received an award at the Palace Fair And Congress. The event took place in Malaga, Spain and the IPOB member was recognized for saving... read more »

Biafra Protest in Washington DC

Biafran “Mother of All Rallies” Planned for Capital Hill Oct 11, 2017

Africa Business World have received word that IPOB, Biafran and Igbo Communities has jointly planned a Rally scheduled for Washington DC on Oct 11, 2017 from 8am to 1 pm. The organizers want to bring to the attention of the World, US government officials and members of World media of the Nigerian army atrocities in Biafra land The Biafran... read more »

Impressive Biafra Rally in South Africa-See Video


More Biafra Rallies have been going on across the world. Basically every nation in the world have Biafran residents and the killings of young unarmed Biafran... read more »

Where is Nnamdi Kanu- His Lawyer Explains What Happened...

Kanu Lawyer

The question everybody is asking is what happened to Nnamdi Kanu and his family following the Nigerian Army attack and invasion of his home. In this Youtube... read more »

Biafra Is A Spirit That Can’t Be Killed – Popular Pasto...

Pastor Okafor

Pastor Chris Okafor, has revealed that Biafra is a spirit and cannot be killed with guns, arrows, and not even with a nuclear bomb. The General Overseer of... read more »

Nollywood Interviews
Mgbechi Onugba Movie

Nollywood Actor Charles Awurum stirs up Publicity stunt for his m...

Ever since ABW published the below Interview with Charles Awurum the Nollywood Actor and producer  of this funny Igbo movie “Mgbechi Onugha”, interest in watching this comedy movie in... read more »

Chinyere Udoma 3

ABW Exclusive Interview with Chinyere Udoma-Performing at Igbo Diaspora Festival Sept 1-3 Maryland

Okechchukwu Oranika had a conversation with Ada Chinyere Udoma in an Africa Business World Exclusive VIP and Celebrity Interview series.  Here below is the full interview brought to you by Africa Business World. 1 Oranika: Ada Chinyere Kedu ka I mere Chinyere:Odi mma  ka anyi bunye Chukwu nnukwu ekene 2.Oranika: I like to thank... read more »

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Ralph Alswang

Malami and Justice Kafarati Vulnerable to Genocide Prosecution-US Constitutional Lawyer

  Nigerian Attorney General Malami and Justice Kafarati Vulnerable to Genocide Prosecution for Illegally Listing IPOB as a Terrorist Organization On September 20, 2017,... read more »

Biafra Rally in Toronto Canada

Canadian Government Officials Condemn the Killings in Biafraland-...

The Biafran Community in Toronto Canada carried out what was described as very effective rally The Rally was carried out in two stages stage 1 was at the Parliament building at Queens Park... read more »

Igbo Canadians press release

Biafra:Igbo Canadians issue press release against military occupa...

Igbo Canadians Press release against military invasion in Igbo Land Nigeria Press Release We, the coalition of Igbo National Organizations representing the interests of the about 10... read more »

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Biafra news

Biafra Flags

IPOB QATAR and Ukraine Hold Rally in DOHA

ABW just received a Youtube video link for the  rally by IPOB QATAR and Ukraine held on September 29. The group also held interviews with the International News media Here is the Video... read more »

Nigerian Minister Disgraced in New York

Nigerian Minister Disgraced in New York-See video Incredible-Poli...

The problems brewing in Nigeria has now reached its international dimensions. In this video you will see what happened in a town hall meeting in New York which was supposed to be addressed... read more »

IPOB Rally in Spain

IPOB Rally in Malaga Spain-See Video

It is estimated that there are more than 15 million South Easterners and others who see themselves as Biafrans living across the world. This has made it easier to spread the Biafra message... read more »

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European Union

Biafran rally

Huge Biafra Rally in Switzerland at the UN-see video

Recent Nigerian army actions by killing peaceful Biafra demonstrators have unleashed the mother of all rallies across the world. Nigerian government seems not to learn any lessons from past... read more »

Ohaneze youths write to United Nations

ABW Breaking News–Igbo youths write to United Nations for P...

The Ohanaeze Youth Council, Worldwide, OYC, have written a petition to the United Nations, UN, demanding special protection for the Igbo people around the Northern part of Nigeria. The... read more »


New Bombshell- Trump’s Son inlaw sought secret Phone line l...

Washington roiled by Kushner-Russia reports Reports that President Trump’s son-in-law proposed setting up a secret back channel with the Kremlin come at a sensitive time for the White... read more »

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John Nnia Nwodo 2

Ohaneze President General Chief Nwodo Speech on 50 Years After Biafra

Here is the full speech of the President of Ohanaze Ndigbo Chief Nnia Nwodo Jnr at the Yar Adua center on 50 years of Biafra. The Acting President Prof Yemi Osinbajo and Chief Olusegun... read more »


ABW Breaking News-Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappro...

Africa Business World has learned that Donald Trump is now preparing a law suit against New York Times and other news outlets that publishes this story. ABW is publishing this story with... read more »


US Presidential Elections 2016-Trump is Finished Analysis by Okec...

The second US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place last Sunday night. Trump has been criticized from both Republican and Democratic angles for the latest... read more »

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Nigerian News

Professor Ilochi Okafor

Law Professor gives IPOB Greenlight to Continue their Peaceful Biafra Agitation

A prominent scholar of Constitutional Law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Professor Ilochi Okafor, has urged members of the outlawed the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to continue... read more »


Igbos in Diaspora To Explore the Formation of “Igbo Defense...

Biafra Rallies were held at major cities in the world Umunnem na Umunnam   Last week Africa Business World published a write-up by Prof. Obi Nwakanma who once again... read more »

Nnamdi Kanu 22

ABW Breaking News-IPOB Jews Rejoicing Over Hearing Kanu’s V...

There is great jubilation today by the IPOB Jewish Community in Biafra over allegedly hearing Nnamdi Kanu’s voice on a tape recording today. ABW has not authenticated when the... read more »

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